Sanitary and Protective Clothing



Sanitary Clothing

Aprons – We have cotton, disposable plastic, vinyl, rubber, nylon and Endurosaf® apron options to protect regular clothing and prevent contamination of your food product.

Canning Sleeves and Gloves – These disposable gloves or full sleeves provide comfort, easy movement and a sanitary environment for all kinds of canning or meat processing.

Gloves – We have a wide range of disposable gloves, available in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. Choose from latex, vinyl, nitrile (non-powder) or knitted poly/cotton blend.

Hairnets – Keep longer hair tucked away with one of our hairnets, available in several length options. Also available are beard snoods, full hoods, and face masks.

Rainsuits – We have three-piece PVC rainsuits available in sizes from small to 2XL.

Smocks and Wraparounds – Protect clothing and prevent loose fibers or other contaminants from getting into your products with a smock or wraparound. These white cotton smocks are available in small, medium, large or extra-large sizes, and sold individually.

Personal Protective Equipment

Arm Guards – These plastic guards protect your arms from nicks and cuts during food processing.

Bump Caps and Hats – Bump caps and hats have a built-in protective “bump” shielding the head from low-force impacts.

Cut Resistant Gloves – We stock cut resistant gloves in sizes from extra small to extra-large. Sold by the pair.

Ear Plugs – Save your hearing in loud environments with our wide selection of ear plugs in various sizes and colours.

Face Masks – We have face masks for any environment, from simple disposable, 3-ply face masks, to dust masks, to respirator masks. Sold by the box (20 or 50 count).

Freezer Jackets and Vests – Our quilted freezer jackets and vests and three-quarter length jacket, keeping you warm while you work in walk-in freezers or cold rooms. Available in any size.

Mesh Clothing – Mesh gloves, aprons and sleeves reduce the risk of injury from clothing catching on moving parts.

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