Processing Supplies



Clips, Clippers and Loops

Clips – Aluminum clips for bags, sausages, casings, nets and other packaging. Many sizes available.

Clippers – Our high-speed clippers seal sausages in natural or artificial casings, as well as any product in netting or bags.

Loops – An alternative to aluminum clips, fabric loops have a food-safe coating. Many sizes available.

Hangers and Hooks

Hangers – Our stainless steel bacon hangers have eight prongs, each with a sharp hook for quick, easy hanging.

Hooks – We stock stainless steel hooks for boning, stockinette and general meat hooks, including “S” hooks.


We have thermometers for freezer walls, cooler walls, and regular digital, dial and no-contact thermomenters.


Shovels – We stock two kinds of shovels, one stainless steel and one plastic/poly material. The poly shovel is available in assorted colours.

Stainless Steel Forks – Large 4- or 5-tine meat forks quickly move large quantities of meat from a bin or tote to another container.

Other Tools – We have a great selection of other common food processing tools like:

  • scrapers;
  • scoops;
  • saws; and
  • pails.

Other Processing Supplies

Tape Machines – Seal bags quickly with gum tape, without fussing with individual pieces of tape. Our gum tape dispenser wraps the tape around the bag and cuts it.
Replacement tape is also available.

Twine – Twine is available in various strengths and sizes, sold by the roll.

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