Bags and Sleeves

Fish Sleeves-  Packaging solution for fish, keeps fresh and frozen fish tightly sealed. Comes in a variety of sizessold by the case.

Poly Bags – Clear and coloured poly (plastic) bags in a wide variety of sizes. Sold in rolls or by the case.

Shrink Bags – For a close, wrinkle-free packaging fit, shrink bags cling to your product without changing its shape. Available in several strengths and a wide variety of size options. Sold by the case.

Size Use
40 microns General use
70 microns Stronger than general, for very dense products
90 microns Standard boneguard
110 microns Heavy duty boneguard

Box Liners, Sheets and Boards

Bacon and Fish Boards

Back your bacon or fish products with a sturdy board, available in a variety of sizes and materials.

Box Liners

Plastic box liners are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses for your meat packaging needs.


We have both deli sheets and general poly (plastic) sheets available in various sizes.

Both types of sheets are liquid-proof, keeping your display or packaging looking clean and appetizing.

Soaker Pads

Keep your trays dry and clean with soaker pads under your meat products. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.


Overwrap Cling Film

The classic cling film, sold by the roll.

Shrink Film

Film that shrinks to fit your product without changing its shape. Sold by the roll.


Butcher Paper

Butcher paper protects your products from freezer burn when combined with overwrap film, as well as making an attractive presentation for over-the-counter sales. Sold by the roll.


Freezer paper protects your products from freezer-burn in one easy step. Various widths available in rolls or sheets.

Patty Paper

We have a wide variety of patty paper, including bulker, double-pinfeed, Vac-Tear, single and layer pack. All are sold by the case.

Also available is specialty patty paper, which can be custom-printed. (Minimum quantities apply.)

Steak Paper

Variety of sizes and colours of steak paper available.

Tray Sealer Machines

We have tray sealer machines for both plastic and foil tray options.



Our aluminum trays are available in a variety of sizes. Ask one of our experts about your needs to find the right size for you. Sold by the case (260 to 500 count).

Plastic (HDPE)

We stock assorted sizes of plastic trays in both black and natural colours.

Vacuum Pack/Boneguard


Keep bones from piercing your vacuum-wrap with sturdy boneguard. Sold by the roll.

Vacuum Pouches

We stock over 100 sizes of vacuum pouches in thicknesses ranging from 3-5 mm. Sold by the case.

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