These stretch nettings provide breathable coverings for solid meat products like salami, bologna and cured ham. Available in a wide variety of sizes.

Polyester Elastic – This stretchy netting has a flexible stuffing diameter and comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.


Cloth tubing and stockinette options have minimal stretch, so they’re ideal for meat products which require more support.

Tubing – Sold by the kg weight in pieces or rolls.

Stockinette – These sturdy weaves can hold up to tension and handling. If you have concerns about breakage, minimal stretch stockinette is your best choice. Available in a wide variety of sizes. White/natural colour only.

Vexar® Rope – Available in a wide range of colours and a variety of sizes, Vexar® Rope is an ideal packaging or storage solution for individually-wrapped products sold or stored in bulk.


Flavoured – Ask one of our knowledgeable representatives about possible flavour combinations. All flavoured netting is custom-created for you. Minimum quantities apply.

Smoked – Some of our elastic and non-elastic tubing, stockinette and poly elastic options are also available in a custom smoke flavour. Minimum quantities apply.

Release Agent – Nettings with release agent help your stockinette or tubing let go of your product more easily, making your processing faster and more efficient.

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