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Knife Sets

We stock high quality, stainless steel knife sets, available with or without a block.


We have every imaginable type of butcher and carving knife. These high quality, stainless steel knives make quick work of any cutting task.

Knife Type Sizes Available
Bird’s Beak Paring Knife N/A
Boning Knife 5-10”
Bread Knife 8-12”
Breaking Knife 8-10”
Butcher Knife 8-14”
Carving Knife 8-12”
Cheese Knife N/A
Chef’s Knife 6-12”
Clam Knife N/A
Cleaver 3-3.5” width
Fillet Knife 6-8”
Paring Knife 3-4”
Peeling Knife 2.5”
Sabre 8”
Scimitar 10-14”
Skinner Knife 6”
Steak Knife 4”


These quality leather or metal sheaths keep your knives safe from chips, scratches and general wear.

Steels and Stones

Sharpen your knives with the highest quality steels or one of our variety of whetting stones.

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