Our natural beef, sheep and hog casings are available in a variety of sizes. We source only the finest quality North American natural casings available today. Experience that special “snap” and tender bite, that’s like no other.

Beef casings – Rounds, bung caps and middles available in various sizes. Strong, lean and uniform, these casings are excellent for smoked, dried, cooked or fresh sausage products.

Hog casings – Salted, brined, whisker-free, tubed and bagged available in various sizes. A superior casing ideally suited to fresh and smoked sausage products.

29-32mm 41-45kg Smokies, Frankfurters, Bratwurst
32-35mm 48-52kg Smokies, Fresh pork sausage, Frankfurter
35-38mm 52-57kg Smoked Sausage, Italian Sausage
38-40mm 67-61kg Garlic Sausage, Kielbasa
40-42mm 59-64kg Garlic Sausage, Kielbasa, Farmers Sausage

Sheep casings – Tubed sheep casings available in both pork quality and AA-grade of various sizes, perfect for hot dogs,  European wieners and franks. B-grade casings are great for sausage links, pepperoni, and beef sticks.

19-21mm 17-18kg Fresh Pork Sausage, Frankfurters
21-23MM 21-23KGF Fresh Pork Sausage, Frankfurters, Pepperoni
22-24mm 25-27kg Frankfurters, Cabanosa, Pepperoni

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Our cellulose casings are available in 13-40 mm diameters and various lengths. Custom printing is available on all cellulose casings. (Minimum quantities apply.)


Edible Collagen – We have a large variety of edible casings sizes for smoked and fresh sausage.

Inedible Collagen – We have both shirred and bundled inedible collagen casings, as well as rounds and middles.

Custom printing is available on all inedible collagen casings. (Minimum quantities apply.)


Our ViskoTeepak brand fibrous casings are available in easy peel, meat cling and regular types in a wide variety of sizes. Choose from shirred or cut and tied pieces. Ask one of our knowledge representatives to find out what meets your needs best.

Easy Peel – True to their name, these casings come away from the meat with ease for fast and convenient processing. Available in a wide variety of sizes.

Meat Cling – These casings range from low to extra high meat cling, depending on your application. Ask us what type of meat cling casing is best for your product.

Regular – Strong and reliable, this traditional style casing is ideal for high-speed processing.

Plastic/Moisture Proof

Our moisture proof plastic casings come in a wide variety of colours and sizes that can accommodate anything from bologna to liverwurst.

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