It’s time to BBQ!

Summer is upon us and the BBQ lovers are on the hunt for unique and flavourful BURGERS!

If you are looking for the best flavours and ingredients to jazz up your burgers this summer season then look no further!

Burger Help

We want to ensure you get the best product that you can achieve.

Below is a list of helpful tips in creating the perfect burger.

  • Keep meat and other ingredients cold
  • Limit the amount of salt used

  • Limit amount of mixing time(work)

  • Use flaked or crushed ice for additional moisture

  • Punch out patties promptly after final grind.

These “secrets” should ensure a mix that will machine well and produce appealing hamburgers.

Don’t have a Patty-making machine?

Do not be discouraged, we suggest you stuff the burger into plastic burger tubes, freeze into logs and saw burgers into desired thickness.



UniPac is proud to offer Excalibur Seasonings!

The variety of Patty Mixes that UniPac offers from Excalibur will drive sales into your ground beef, and create a unique flavour experience for your customers.

Just add one package to 2.72 Kg to 4.54 Kg (6 to 10 lbs) of meat and experience a new flavour profile each time.


Excalibur Burger Patty Mixes

Patty MixesFlavour Description Standard US sizingMetric SizingPackages per case
Bacon Bringing the irresistible taste of bacon to your burgers 3.6oz packages 102.06g packages12 per case
Bacon and Bleu CheeseCombining the smoky flavour of bacon and the tangy taste of Bleu Cheese will melt in your mouth.42lb packages 190.51g packages12 per case
JalapenoBring the perfect amount of heat to your burgers .42lb packages190.51g packages12 per case
Roast Garlic and OnionThe aromatic essences of roasted garlic and onion .30lb packages136.08g packages12 per case
Beer and OnionJoining Beer and Onion together to create a unique burger experience.375lb packages170.09g packages12 per case
DillThe addition of dill to any burger will leave them wanting more.15lb packages68.04g packages12 per case
Asian Siracha With a burst of Siracha flavour this mix will bring the heat!.30lb packages 136.08g packages25 per case
Caribbean Jerk Bringing lime and the aroma of garlic and onion together for a little taste of the island..369lb packages167.38 packages25 per case
Sheboygan Brat A patty mix inspired by the delicious taste of Sheboygan bratwurst.12lb packages54.43g packages24 per case



Looking to make a little extra out of your pork! Tired of beef burgers or patties.

Then we have a new product to introduce to you.

Offering Sheboygan Bratwurst patty mixes designed for Pork.

Check with our representatives for more information.


It’s not just about Burgers!

Excalibur also offers a range of Rump Rubs for ribs, brisket, poultry and of course pork butts!

Rub it! Massage it! Pat it! Knead it! You’ll love using it!

This Pitmaster inspired seasoning blends showcasing BBQ tastes from around the world.


Excalibur Rump Rub

Rump Rub FlavoursShaker Sizes per caseCommercial Sizes per case
Traditional KC Style12 X 6oz Shakers2 X 30oz Jug
Sweet and Sassy Apple 12 X 6.5oz Shakers2 X 28oz Jug
KC Style Bold & Spicy12 X 7oz Shakers2 X 30oz Jug
Down Home Texas Style12 X 5.5oz Shakers2 X 24oz Jug
Caribbean Tropical Style12 X 6oz Shakers2 X 27oz Jug
Buttery Garlic 12 X 8oz Shakers2 X 32oz Jug


Marinades and glaze sauces

Kabobs! Nothing says summer like BBQ Kabobs!

Excalibur’s marinades and glazes will bathe your meat and seafood in an ocean of flavour.

With a wide range of options these will be sure to enhance your product and take your BBQ to the next level.

The easy to use liquid glazes/sauces are available in cases of 2 pourable containers that offer a unique measuring system to insure that you are applying the right amount to your product.

Excalibur Marinade and Glazes

Sauces and MarinadesStandard sizesPer CaseCommercial Sizes
Smokey Habanero Chipotle Sauce1/2 gallon Tip and Pour26 x 12oz/case
Savory Lemon Peppery Garlic Sauce1/2 gallon Tip and Pour2 6 x 12oz/case
Mandarin Teriyaki Sauce1/2 gallon Tip and Pour2 6 x 12oz/case
Roasted Tomato Basil Sauce1/2 gallon Tip and Pour26 x 12oz/case
Smokin' Maple Bacon Sauce 1/2 gallon Tip and Pour2 6 x 12oz/case
Sweet-Honey Orange Glaze 1/2 gallon Tip and Pour2 6 x 12oz/case


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